PTSD is hell for everyione. What can you do to help? The Lipov Block Technique is unique among PTSD treatment protocols. It is alone attacking the physiological root cause of PTSD. Unfortunately, the prescription drugs and psychotherapy protocol has been in place for so long that it is difficult for much of the medical community to accept a novel approach.

The Lipov Block Technique is an injection of a patented mixture of drugs into one or two nerve bundles located on the right side of the neck. Patients feel no pain because either local or general anesthesia is used. The patented drug does two things: 1) it “blocks” the sympathetic nervous system for approximately eight hours 2) it reduces the level of nerve growth factor which, in turn, results in nerve trimming in the “fight or flight” portion of the brain. In other words, the “fight or flight” system is restored to its pre-trauma state.

This video provides a rare look at a PTSD case from trauma to resolution using the Lipov Block Technique.

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